For Every Body

Our Work

This is what recovery for every body means:

person-centred, compassionate care for anyone struggling with or at risk for an eating disorder.

We are achieving this by:


Providing treatment and support to people struggling and their carers. Learning and listening to lived experience.

Training Providers

Providing training for healthcare providers and others to enable early intervention and diagnosis. 

Educating Communities

Educating the public to break down stigma, increase support and create safer spaces of healing.

We are listening

Listening to Lived Experience

What matters most is understanding what people need to help them break free from an eating disorder. We are always listening, co-designing and learning from the voices of people who have struggled with eating disorders as well as their families. 



What Sets Our Approach Apart

Evidence Generating

Body Brave is constantly gathering data from our initiatives and working with researchers so that we can continue to make decisions based on evidence as well as add to the body of evidence.

Focused On Lived Experience

We know that one size doesn’t fit all. We listen to the voices of lived experience and this directly informs and guides all the work we do, including our national work.

Replication And Scale

Body Brave’s innovative treatment and training model is cost cutting and uniquely scalable.

Drivers Of Innovation

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