Recovery for every body

Our Approach

Treating People

Multi-disciplinary, flexible care is essential for people struggling with disordered eating/eating disorders. Body Brave offers treatment through a variety of virtual and in-person programs including; individual check-ins, group sessions and workshops. Our multidisciplinary team includes a registered dietitian, family doctor and MD psychotherapist along with guest facilitators.

We use the latest evidence-based tools including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) as well as a variety of other approaches so that people can find the tools and skills that suit their preferences.

Given that resources for eating disorders are scarce and clients may face bias, even from healthcare professionals 2, we also offer individual check-ins to help with system navigation and self-advocacy.

Full Recovery Is Possible

Educating Communities


Eating disorders are complex, brain-based illnesses that occur due to a multitude of factors including genetics, environment and experience. Eating disorders are treatable and full recovery is possible. However, stigma prevents millions of people from reaching out. It can also increase the duration and severity of the disorder 1. Breaking down stigma and educating the public saves lives.

To break down stigma, Body Brave meets the public where they are. We engage on social media, hold community events, talk to media and participate in awareness campaigns. In 2018, we spearheaded an international awareness campaign called Show Us Your Purple. Eating disorders organizations all over the world participated last year and will again participate this year! Check it out here.

Public education surrounding eating disorders can save lives. Body Brave will be offering online and in-person education courses starting in mid-2020.

Training Providers

Body Brave aims to democratize eating disorder training and education by providing it in an accessible way to healthcare providers, the public and other professionals. We are working independently and with other organizations to roll out person-centred, online and in-person training modules. In collaboration with other eating disorder organizations across Canada, we are currently building a national e-platform to offer the best in evidence-based training.

But evidence-based is not enough. Even among highly trained individuals, stigma and bias against those struggling exists. Training must be person-centred and therefore, all our training initiatives include the voices of lived experience. The result is convenient, affordable, person-centred training, enabling providers to offer empowering care.

We provide training and education to family health teams and universities. We educated over 500 medical students and healthcare professionals in 2019 and 2020. Our goal is nothing short of training and education for every body. 

They Need Your Help!

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