Hamilton doctor inspired by daughter’s struggle with eating disorder launches Body Peace conference

Source: By Katrina Clarke, The Hamilton Spectator, Published Oct 4, 2019

For two years, Dr. Karen Trollope-Kumar had no idea her daughter was suffering from an eating disorder.

She missed the warning signs.

It’s those warning signs — refusal to eat with her family, moodiness, social isolation — along with further eating-disorder education and destigmatization of mental illness, that Trollope-Kumar hopes to impart on the attendees of an upcoming virtual conference called Body Peace.

Running Oct. 4 through Oct. 6, the eating disorders and body image-focused conference is hosted by Hamilton’s Body Brave organization — run by Trollope-Kumar and her daughter, Sonia Kumar-Seguin — in partnership with the National Initiative for Eating Disorders.

It’s called Body Peace because that’s what people with eating disorders seek.

“When people are recovering from an eating disorder, that’s what they’re searching for — a sense of peace within their body, peace with their relationship with food,” Trollope-Kumar said.

The goal of the conference, which, being virtual, participants can attended from the comfort of home, is to ensure doctors, dietitians, caregivers, and people suffering from eating disorders, get the information, training, support and answers they need, she said.

“Often, family doctors and even dietitians don’t know a lot about eating disorders because there’s not a lot of training about it in medical schools or dietitian schools,” said Trollope-Kumar, who is a family physician.

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